Independence Day Address at Freedom Fest

Abundant Life Church, located on the corner of Hobson and Coliseum, has a great location for viewing the City’s annual Fourth of July Fireworks. They host a Freedom Fest with live music, food and speakers to celebrate the independence of our country. This year they asked me to be a part of the Freedom Fest, and I have to confess that it brought out the nostalgic in me. Here’s part of the speech that I delivered. Enjoy!

Today we’re celebrating independence. We celebrate the fact that 234 years ago a group of men followed the courage of their convictions to declare their independence and fight for their right to freedom – and ours. That spirit is the foundation of our country and what we still fight for today, all over the world. Freedom, and the right of every man, woman and child to enjoy that freedom.

The spirit of independence that inspired those great men all those years ago is alive and well in our hearts today. I am so thankful to live in this great country where we have the freedom to be independent in our thoughts and actions.

I think of the fireworks that we celebrate with as the expression of a joy and liberty that is so grand and so right that we cannot contain it in our own souls. We have to see it burst across the sky in big, bold, beautiful colors. We are so lucky to belong in the land of the free and the home of the brave. I’ll celebrate that spirit of independence in my heart tonight as we all share the independence that got us started.

Appreciate those fireworks for what they are – a celebration of pride and joy that is too big to be contained and must burst across the sky. Tonight, when you ooh and aah at the burst of color and boom of the explosion, think about tucking a part of that joy and liberty into your heart and celebrating every day the freedom and independence that bind us together as a nation.

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