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Hughes Stresses No New Taxes

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Paula Hughes continued to stress the need for city government to work with the private sector to get Fort Wayne working again by highlighting the importance of avoiding higher taxes.

“Fort Wayne small business owners are struggling,” Hughes said. “They need to know that someone is protecting their interests and making sure that they won’t be facing a higher municipal tax bill.”

In January, Paula Hughes became the only candidate running for mayor to sign the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge and has made fiscal responsibility the cornerstone of her campaign.

“Each month, I have to account for each nickel earned and spent,” said Crown Cleaners owner Abdul Aziz. “Having certainty in my tax bill will allow me to make better decisions for my business going forward. A tax increase could be the difference between buying new equipment, laying off staff, or even being open at all. Paula Hughes’ pledge to protect taxpayers is critical to job creation.”

In a stark difference to Paula Hughes, Mayor Henry has not signed the taxpayer protection pledge and has a long history of supporting tax increases. While on Fort Wayne City Council, he was the author of the County Option Income Tax (COIT). Additionally, Henry pushed for a $3.7 million tax increase during his first month as Mayor of Fort Wayne.

“There are many differences between the Henry administration and what a Hughes administration will look like,” Hughes said. “I have pledged to protect the best interest of the taxpayer while Mayor Henry has made raising taxes the hallmark of his lengthy political career.”

In addition to discussing taxes at Crown Cleaners in Georgetown Square, Paula Hughes also tried her hand at running the dry cleaning press.

Paula concluded her visit by thanking Mr. Aziz and his staff. “There are a lot of things that need cleaned up at City Hall and this training will be valuable.”

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Hughes Encourages Entrepreneurial Spirit

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Paula Hughes continued to stress the need for city government to work with the private sector to get Fort Wayne working again by opening up opportunities for riverfront development.

“Our rivers are a wonderful and virtually untapped resource in the City of Fort Wayne,” Hughes said. “We need to allow the private sector to review the dining, entertainment, housing, and recreational opportunities missing along the riverfront and work with them to create the jobs and tax base that will help Fort Wayne grow again.”

For generations, the riverfront has been dormant and the brush and overgrowth have made the banks unseemly. The City of Fort Wayne owns much of the land adjacent to the rivers in the downtown area.

“My approach to this is simple,” Hughes said. “Clear the ground that has been neglected by this administration, work with the great volunteer organizations that have been focused on improving our rivers and downtown, make the land available to entrepreneurs through long-term leases, and then get out of the way so the private sector can succeed. My administration will not hamstring job creation in Fort Wayne.”

The Hughes plan seems far different then the plans of the Henry administration. The Henry-created Legacy Task Force has highlighted the idea of building a casino for further consideration.

“Mayor Henry wants to gamble with our future,” Hughes said. “I want to allow the private sector to prosper and create jobs in Fort Wayne. That is the difference in the race for Mayor.”

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